Gutter mesh is often chosen due to its low price. However, there are several advantages to installing this type of protection system. Gutter mesh can be made of copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, vinyl, polypropylene and braided wire. Copper mesh has long been the most common choice, as it is relatively easy to install and offers good value. However, recent advances in gutter technology have resulted in mesh systems that are more durable and can resist weathering.

gutter meshThe main advantage of gutter mesh over a leaf guard is durability. Gutter guards are not very durable and must be replaced after just a few years. A mesh filter installed in the gutters can last up to 30 years. Even if a mesh filter does not completely protect the roof, it will significantly lessen the amount of leaves and debris that fall into the gutters, which reduces the risk of damage to the roof. Also, if leaves and debris do manage to get past a mesh filter, they will often settle at the base of the leaves and break off before they reach the gutter.

Another advantage of gutter mesh over a leaf guard is that it removes leaves and other debris from the bottom of the gutter system. When twigs, leaves and other debris are mixed with water, they can cause clogging and erosion of gutters, which is extremely common in regions prone to heavy rain. Therefore, a gutter mesh system effectively reduces the amount of water that seeps through and out into the ground.

The size of the hole in the gutter mesh depends on the diameter of the drain. Each type of mesh has a different sized hole. Most gutters are typically wider than tall, although some gutters are only a few inches deep. Another type of gutter mesh called poly mesh has a hole size of just a couple of millimetres. It is ideal for those homes where the diameter of their drain is less than 1.5 metres, as poly mesh drains require a larger hole size.

One of the advantages of having a mesh gutter cover is that they are extremely durable. The woven wire mesh is made up of numerous smaller holes. A layer of fibres covers them, and these layers are highly durable, making them highly resistant to weather. They can also cope with very cold temperatures, making them equally at home in both cold and hot climates. If you are living in an area that experiences strong winds, then a mesh gutter mesh may be the best solution.

They are available in various colours and finishes. Some of the coloured gutter guards are specially designed to help prevent corrosion of metal components of gutters and, in some cases, have a black reflective surface, which helps to reduce heat build-up on the roof. This reflective surface is also useful in blocking the visibility of green leaves blown around in the wind. The rainwater falling on the roof doesn’t fall directly on the water holding tank but rather falls on the ground and collects in the gutters until it is washed away by rainwater. This process can be highly messy, so gutter guards can help to prevent it.

Some people prefer to use white gutter mesh. White is seen as a more pleasant colour than black and other colours. It helps to keep the white gutter mesh cleaner and can help to keep the leaves from falling onto the roof and the sides of the house. When mixed with other colours, it can create a more attractive appearance at a higher cost.

Numerous benefits come along with having a gutter mesh guard. They improve the durability of the gutters and help reduce water damage to the shingles and other parts of the roof system. They are a relatively inexpensive method to protect the structure of your home from the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it. A good guard system can mean that the yearly cost of installing the gutter mesh is considerably lower than replacing the shingles or even cleaning them after the inevitable mess.