Getting your drivers license is a long and winding process. It involves a lot of steps, stages, and milestones. Youll need to complete all of them before you are given your drivers license. In the case of the learners test VIC, here are several things you need to know before you can apply for your license:

Booking and Payment

You can book and pay for a slot of the learners test through the following options:

  • Online
  • Test centre hotline
  • At the actual test centre

Payment will be done through bank transfer, cheque, or cash. You can also inquire if the test centre accepts other payment methods like PayPal or Transferwise.


The learners permit requires you to pay two fees: the appointment and booking fee and the test fee. Youll need to pay all of these fees at once. For more information, look up Driver License and Learner Permit Feesonline.

Do You Have a Medical Condition?

learners-test-vicDo you have an illness, disability, injury, or medical condition? Is your driving ability affected due to the effects of a recent treatment? You will need to get your medical report and hand it out to the test centre medical review team before. 

Make sure you do this before you make an appointment. The results of this assessment will determine your eligibility to take the test. For more information about this topic, look up Medical Conditions and Driving Assessmentonline.

Changing Your Appointment

Once youve booked an appointment, youll have the option to change it. However, youll need to pay a new fee to transfer your test to a new date and time slot. You can change your appointment via the same options when you book and pay for it.

Cancelling Your Appointment

You can cancel your appointment and get a refund if you manage to inform the test centre within 24 hours after youve made your appointment. Otherwise, youll still be able to cancel your appointment, but you wont get a refund.

Filling Out the Learners Test VIC Application Form

You can get a copy at the test centre or download and print the license/learners permit application formavailable online.

Make sure you fill out the following sections:

  • What are you applying for?
  • Personal details
  • Contact Details
  • Health Details
  • License/Learner Permit Record
  • Any Additional Details (if required)

IMPORTANT: Dont sign the form right away. Bring the unsigned form with you to your appointment date and sign it there.

Taking the Test

First, there are two tests youll need to take:

  • The knowledge test
  • The eyesight test

Both tests will be done in under 35 minutes.

What to Bring

During the day of your learners test, make sure you bring the following:

  • Your unsigned learners permit application form.
  • One (1) Category Aevidence of identity document (birth certificate, passport)
  • One (1) Category Bevidence of identity document. (bank statement, Medicare card, student ID/permit).
  • Proof of current address (only if your current address isnt shown on both Category A and B documents).

Running Late

Finally, if youre more than five minutes late, you can no longer enter the test centre. You will need to make a new appointment and pay a new set of fees. To avoid this from happening, make sure you arrive 30 minutes before the start of the test. For instance, if your test is scheduled at 8:00 AM, make sure you arrive at the test centre by 7:30 AM.