Sports physiotherapists are professionals who help athletes, sportsmen, fitness buffs, bodybuilders and more to maintain their fitness level by providing therapy, advice, treatment and rehabilitation services for athletes. They are also considered as the leading expert on physical health and rehabilitation services. For more information, read here.


Sports physio Adelaide differs greatly from conventional physical therapy since the treatment focuses on the analysis, diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation, and treatment of injuries which are a result of sports and exercise activities. In fact, sports physiotherapists usually treat the whole person rather than just focusing on particular injuries or illnesses. These experts provide treatments such as physical exercise, balance and coordination training, nutrition counselling, medical rehabilitation, strength training, sports massage, hydrotherapy, and stretching.


Sports professionals perform therapeutic exercises aimed at reducing pain, increasing flexibility and strength, improving balance, and reducing stress. They may also teach the body’s functions to athletes. Athletes can benefit from these treatments if they suffer from chronic injuries. They may also prevent further injuries by using techniques such as balance and coordination training. Athletes may also have injuries or conditions that affect their ability to train and perform well, thus requiring the attention of a professional. Injuries may range from strains to torn ligaments to broken bones. For more information, read here.


Most sports injuries are caused by repetitive motion, impact, heat and cold, or damage to the soft tissues and muscles. An experienced sports physiotherapist can provide effective treatments to athletes by addressing the underlying causes of the injury. Injuries can be caused by over-exertion or lack of enough rest, while muscle tears are usually caused by excessive use of a certain muscle or repetitive motions. Other causes of an injury include improper nutrition and/or nutritional supplements, lack of proper footwear, injury to joints or ligaments, wearing inappropriate footwear, injury caused by illness, and more. When treating a patient suffering from any of these, it is essential to address each specific cause to prevent recurrence of the injury.


The treatment of this type of injury occurs in various settings, including the athletic field, the home of the patient, or in a medical environment. Most professional treatments involve physical exercises which are designed to reduce pain, increase flexibility, balance and coordination, and improve range of motion. Rehabilitation includes massage and the use of compression stockings, splints, traction and exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate injured muscles. For more information, read here.


Sports physio Adelaide will usually first evaluate the condition of the patient, their history, training program, injury or illness, as well as the severity of their injury before prescribing a treatment plan. Since the patient is considered an athlete, it is necessary to consider what they are capable of doing to rehabilitate and maintain their condition. For instance, a doctor may not prescribe the same amount of strength training for someone who is involved in extreme sports activities than a woman involved in wheelchair basketball.