The primary goal of therapy is to help your child with developmental or learning disabilities acquire speech and communicate. An Adelaide speech therapist helps your child with a speech disorder acquire language skills and develop speech patterns that will prepare them for later life. As a child matures, the speech therapist can help your child with developmental or learning disabilities to move on to more sophisticated communication and interact with others. If you do not have a child with a speech disorder, an ATLEX certified speech therapist can provide you with therapeutic services in a one-on-one setting.


The primary goal is to help your child acquire and utilize language, develop speech patterns and improve communication skills. An Adelaide speech therapist can teach your child with developmental or learning disabilities how to talk, enunciate, and improve their fluency.


The speech evaluation process will begin at an early age to determine what kind of delay in speech development your child may have. The evaluation goals include:


  • Identifying and removing impediments.
  • Enhancing language processing and developing receptive vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing.
  • Reading and understanding language.
  • Speaking and understanding voice.


The primary goals are to facilitate communication between people and increase awareness of self and others. Your child will learn how to communicate and participate in the community through the use of appropriate communication.


A child’s environment plays a key role in overall development. You and your family need to be aware of the unique needs of your children and make sure they get the most appropriate care. Early intervention with children can be beneficial in preventing later learning disorders. Many people have experienced lifelong disabilities due to mistreatment or neglect by medical or other care providers. Your child’s primary care physician should be aware of any concerns and refer you to a professional if appropriate.


In most cases, after speech therapy has started, there will likely be noticeable improvements. Many children will experience difficulty when first told their name or where they are going to go. They will become familiar with words they may have never spoken before and may surprise you with how much they are saying. Some will find that their confidence grows when being interviewed or giving answers to questions. They will usually be eager to talk to you about their feelings and thoughts about different subjects. Your child’s communication skills will gradually improve, and they should no longer have to worry about embarrassing themselves at school or home.


If you think your child might benefit from speech therapy, talk to a professional speech therapist in your area. An Adelaide speech therapist can help your child overcome communication problems with simple exercises, and they can do it safely. The cost of having speech therapy done is affordable, so there is no need to let your budget stop you from seeing a professional speech therapist. Remember, even if your child struggles with talking, they still have a brain in an infant state and is always developing. Sometimes just having his communication skills corrected will help him grow into a confident adult.