A chiropractor is a health care professional who uses various physical techniques and treatment methods to diagnose and treat patients. Chiropractors deal with conditions related to the nervous system and the body’s physical structure. Their main objective is to alleviate pain and increase functioning without performing surgery or prescribing drugs. Rather, they manipulate or adjust the spine and other internal body parts to be in the correct position or right alignment.

chiro AdelaideA chiropractor in chiro Adelaide can diagnose a patient’s condition and provide treatment based on his or her needs. If a chiropractor suspects a joint problem, he or she will most likely perform tests to determine the source of the pain, like x-rays, diagnostic imaging and MRI’s to find out the nature of the problem. Some of the tests a chiropractor may perform include testing the strength and range of movement of the joints, looking at the spine, testing the flow of energy through the joint and examining the area around the joint. The chiropractor may also order x-rays and request muscle tests to determine how tight the muscles are surrounding the joint. If the cause of the pain is determined, the chiropractor will then determine which treatment is best for you.

When you first visit a chiropractor, he or she might use tools to manually manipulate your back or spine to help realign the vertebrae. In some cases, if the nerve that runs from one vertebra to another becomes pinched, a chiropractor can realign this nerve and allow the joint to move more freely. Other times, the chiropractor will use adjustments and other techniques to temporarily relieve the discomfort or pain without manipulation, allowing the affected joints time to heal and move more freely.

Many chiropractors offer their patients various services to help manage their lower back pain or prevent future episodes. These treatments can include acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, nutritional therapy, biofeedback and physical therapy. Because a chiropractor has no medical training, some people worry about visiting a chiropractor, but most of them are very trained in treating a wide range of ailments. A good chiropractor will make sure that you get the proper treatment for your condition.

Chiropractic in chiro Adelaide is based on the idea that the spine holds control over muscles and bones. If these bones and muscles are not in balance, it can affect the entire body, and the chiropractor will concentrate on these areas. This type of medical practice is sometimes referred to as “nerve manipulation,” and many patients have found that chiropractic helps to improve the quality of their lives. People have found that chiropractors can reduce the number and severity of back problems, neck problems and arthritis.