So how can you store silage well and keep it fresh for a year? That s pretty easy with net replacement film. It is much more economical than plastic bags, mesh silos or even silo storage still it is durable, easy to use, and more affordable than standard canvas tarpaulins. This remarkable reflective coating adheres tightly around bales, making an airtight, leak-proof seal that almost completely eliminates air infiltration and reduces excessive heat buildup inside the bale. Silage is an excellent source of biomass that can be used for fuel, fertilizer, or just as a natural fertilizer.

net-replacement-filmIf you’re growing or harvesting plants for either your own personal consumption or for selling, then you know how important it is to have your produce remain fresh and flavor our longer. We all know how expensive fruits and vegetables can be if they are not stored properly and maintained in the winter months. We also know how difficult it is to find a place to store them properly in our homes. Bales and canisters full of wood pulp can be very heavy and clog up our pantries and freezers. This is why using net replacement film makes so much sense.

There are many companies that produce and market various brands of silage wrap products. Click to buy premade roll and tiered silage wrap, which are good for tying up any kind of vegetation such as fruit trees or even sod trees and vines. The silage wrap is often wrapped around corrugated cardboard and then layered with more top layer of plastic polyethylene to give the covering a texture similar to tar paper. This tar paper texture creates an airtight seal against moisture and pests.

Other forms of silage wrap bales consist of bales made from recycled newspaper. The newspaper is moistened with vegetable oil and then rolled onto corrugated cardboard. These films are highly effective at trapping moisture within a thirty day time period but tear easily and cannot withstand very high humidity levels. They do, however, attract beneficial birds such as the Purple Martin and the Black-Headed Bunting.

The net replacement film is made to be stronger and tougher than the premade bales but they don’t tear easily. These films are very attractive to the eye, often using natural colors like brown and tan. The main benefit of the net grade bales over the premade variety is that they are easy to assemble. Silage film bales can be found in two main varieties, the round and the square. Both varieties can provide excellent covering and can be used in a variety of growing conditions. Both bale types can be found at most garden centers.