What is a Fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner? It is a type of air conditioning system that takes the normal cooling process of a typical air conditioner and reverses it. When the normal airflow is reversed, the condenser coils cannot cool the air as they should, causing them to become overworked. The result is the unit taking up to three days to cool the room. This cooling downtime is enough for mould and mildew to begin to set in and can encourage black mould spores’ growth.

What is the result of using a Fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner? The result is you will spend less money on your air conditioning bills. Since the unit takes up to three days to cool the air once your unit has been turned on, you will not have to run any extra cooling during the summer months. This will help to keep your house at the optimum temperature for the winter months.

fujitsu-reverse-cycle-air-conditionerCan you use such an air conditioner outside? Yes, you can. They are specifically designed to be used indoors. If you live in an area where the temperatures are warm most of the year, such a system is what you may need. However, if you live in a cool area all year round, such a unit will not work out as much energy efficient over the long run. You will, however, save money over the price of the unit each year since you will not have to buy air conditioning replacements.

What is the fallback of a reverse cycle air conditioner? The only real disadvantage to this particular air conditioner model is that you will need to change the filter monthly. In some cases, this filter can be quite heavy. This can weigh your unit down and cause it to operate less efficiently over time. You may also find that the unit becomes clogged with debris from the filter. This can affect the unit’s performance and can, in some cases, actually void your warranty.

Can you protect your investment? Depending upon the type of air conditioner you purchase, you may be able to protect your investment by having the unit insulated. This can allow the unit to retain heat during the warmer months of the year while keeping the cool air trapped inside. This will help prevent the unit from overproducing heat in the summer months and keep your home cooler during the summer months.

Do not let the question of what is a Fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioner scare you. These units are wonderful to have, providing you with cool crisp air at a very low cost. This type of air conditioner is great to have in your home, especially if you live in a hot area with summers that are exceptionally hot and abnormally cold winters. The price you pay for this cooling unit is well worth the energy you save as well as the comfort you enjoy throughout the year.