Blocked drains can be very frustrating, and they not only waste time but can also cost money when you need to call a plumber to have it fixed. Here are the top 10 things which can cause blocked drains to occur.

Fat may block your sewers. It is one of the most common causes of blocked drains as fat can attach itself to the pipe in question and then slow down or completely stop the flow of liquid or sewage. Hair can also clog your drainage system as well. For example, if you regularly wash your hair in the shower or get it wet while taking a bath, it can attach itself to the drainpipe in question and eventually block it.

Broken pipes are another one of the causes of blocked drains, and they can be costly to replace. They’re also a hazard to you and your family. Plants can sometimes grow into the cracks of broken pipes, making them much more challenging to repair. Leaves and branches are other good candidates for growing into blocked pipes because they too have small pieces of bark to attach themselves to pipes.

Gullies can also be another reason for getting Blocked Drains SA. Running off a blocked drain in a gully or a tree can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Beaches, park areas, and lawns often have gullies where you can walk and wade off a wet foot without falling in. Unfortunately, trees also provide excellent habitats for birds and insects. These animals and insects can come in and eat the plants and even eggs of those plants, making them an even bigger problem than blocked drains with blocked pipes.

If you find yourself with a blocked drain and you don’t know what to do about it, you should contact a residential plumbing company as soon as possible. A plumber can fix blocked drains by ensuring that all the pipes leading to a house are correctly running. They can also inspect the drainage system and tell you what will need to be done to fix the problem. A plumber may suggest various fixes, including replacing some of your plumbing fixtures, putting in new ones, or changing old hardware.

Sometimes a blocked drain can be cleared out fairly quickly, mainly if the root cause is dealt with. However, it is advisable to have professional plumber care about the problem for more significant problems. The best way to clean out a clogged drain is to ensure that there are no plants or grass near the drain’s entrance, and this will help prevent roots from growing into the pipes that carry wastewater away from the house. A good plumber will be able to tell you how to clear out blocked drains of any type.

Professional plumbers can also unclog drainage systems made from clay or concrete. These types of pipes are prone to becoming clogged, especially when there is an accumulation of organic material such as hair or food particles in them. These objects harden on the inside of the pipes, preventing water from flowing freely through them. When this happens, excess water can pool around pipes and cause them to become blocked. To unclog a clay or concrete pipe, a plumber will use a high-pressure water jetting system, or he might choose to use a snake.

Blocked drains can be frustrating, but fortunately, they usually are caused by something smaller than a tree branch or animal entering an overhead pipe. Simple solutions include installing a faucet that was made to handle overflow conditions. If the faucet does not already have such a feature, it is advisable to install one. Overflow Prevention Solutions are extremely helpful for people suffering from blocked drains, so it is essential to call a professional plumber for help if you are experiencing problems with water pressure, toilet drain clogs or sink and bathtub problems. If you are unsure whether your plumbing needs a repair, call a local plumbing company and ask whether they provide services to blockages caused by plumbing problems.