A weighted blanket is typically a large, heavy blanket utilized to help reduce stress and sleep. At first, weighted blankets were predominantly used as therapeutic aids to help people with cerebral palsy, dementia, and other psychological conditions. However, they quickly became a favourite mass-market item. Many variations of the weighted blanket are available today and can be found in department stores, bedding stores, and even in some online retailers. These blankets are used for many applications, and it is important to utilize them properly to maximize their therapeutic value.

Weighted blanket AustraliaIn addition to being utilized to provide comfort, the weight of these Calming Blanket is used to reduce stress. Stress and tension can be extremely detrimental to a person’s overall health and quality of life. These blankets are often employed by individuals who have sleep problems and chronic pain as a means of helping them to relax and fall asleep. The blankets are also used to help individuals deal with anxiety and other common feelings throughout the day. Research has demonstrated that sleep problems result in increased cortisol levels, a stress hormone, which can cause serious health complications.

There are several types of weighted blankets, which include: soft, medium, and deep. Each class has different benefits. A soft blanket provides more sensory input, which provides more relaxation and peace of mind. A medium-weighted blanket offers more pressure and will likely calm and soothe more individuals. Finally, a deep blanket is the most powerful type used for sleep problems and chronic pain.

Weighted blankets have been proven beneficial in treating sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that causes pauses and shallow breathing while one sleeps. Weighted blankets reduce the risk of airway blockage, which significantly reduces the symptoms associated with this condition. Some studies have indicated that the risk of sleep apnea is reduced by as much as 50 percent when using weighted blankets. In addition, the number of sleep apnea cases that have been treated using this technique has significantly decreased. Studies have also indicated that individuals who suffer from chronic pain can reduce their symptoms when using these blankets.

Some of the weighted blankets available on the market include memory foam, polyester, Egyptian cotton, fleece, wool, lambswool, kangaroo wool, and chenille. Each material has its own set of benefits, and individual needs are met depending on what the blanket is being used for. For example, many people find comfort in the feel of the duvet style blankets, which include a softcover and lined interior. Other people enjoy the comforter style blankets, which have zippers on the front of the cover and include a flannel interior.

Research is showing that the physical therapy benefits of Calming Blanket are numerous. These blankets may help relieve stress, which can be an important aspect of sleep. They can also help relieve chronic pain, which is often the main symptom of those who suffer from this condition. In addition to their benefits to health, they are also wonderful items for the home as they can be used as a great addition to any bedding collection.